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What Membership Means

As a member of the Arizona Democracy Resilience Network (ADRN), you have the opportunity to connect with, inform, and empower fellow Arizonans across the political spectrum. Members take an active role in promoting peaceful resolutions, accurate information and trust in our elections. Specifically, you can expect to do the following:

  • Meet regularly: Join regular meetings and calls with network members to discuss political developments and determine solutions.
  • Tap your networks: Connect with your personal and professional networks to spread accurate, pro-democracy messaging
  • Mobilize fellow members: Create a united front against disinformation and intimidation
  • Pitch in: Join task forces that align with your interests
  • Listen closely: Monitor discussions for signs of potential violence, and alert authorities and network members.
  • Discourage disinformation: Whether on social media or in person, step up to set the record straight. Flexing your media literacy skills, share accurate information about politics and elections, and encourage people to ask questions.
  • Talk it out: Learn conflict-sensitive dialogue techniques to have open, fruitful conversations in your community.

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